InkanI once promised myself to release a comic album. I was a teenager by then and everything was possible. I´m not a teenager anymore but everything is still possible and now comic albums can be released digitally. I have some of the raw headfooter characters I made in the Little Al (Lill-Åke) comics, only “published” in 20 issues in an office copier back in the 1988 – something. I kept them as is, and as I release them digitally I am also translating them into english.

My goal is to develop “Little Al”, or to make him lead me into new ways of drawing and into new comics. Let´s see where where it leads. I´ve been drawing and painting on and off since I was a kid, and I studied art for one year at Solviks Folkhögskola in the north of Sweden (1985).  After many years of doing other things (working as a technician, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, driving a Citroën 2CV, establishing a family, co-own a parent community, engage in sharity for prematurely born children, start a small business, rock concert photographing etc) I joined a group of artist that are sharing an art studio down town; Ateljé Målerian. I work as an IT Support technician, living in a house on the north-west hill from Jönköping city with Magnus and our two kids.  My contact info is found at – “Kontakt”.

Comics & artists that inspires me: “Gaston” by Franquin, Larson, Joakim Pirinen and Doug TenNapel. A great inspiration lately has been Doug TenNapels Ratfist webcomic – don´t miss it!